Friends of the Irish Maltese Circle

The websites listed on this page are considered to be Irish Maltese Circle friends and as such we allow their website links to be shown here. We are happy to host their links on our Friends Page but the IMC can not be held responsible for any business dealings between anyone using these links.

2 thoughts on “Friends of the Irish Maltese Circle

  1. I am Brendan Brendan Daly`s wife.He came over from Gozo,to join you all >his dear Irish compatriots for the first Irish Parade held so successfully for the first time in Malta.He felt so GREAT .
    Thanks for organising such a lovely Irish Parade!
    Why don`t you put out a video more real and full of the green colour plus the long parade of hundreds of Irish represented in it,on this blog.?We would be ever so grateful to you.
    Well Done indeed!
    Long Live St Patrick`s Parade in MALTA and GOZO!
    God Bless!
    Maria Daly

  2. Great fan of Irish culture… a lover of the GUINESS Visited Ireland the Brewery many times… Would like to become a member of the IrishMaltese Circle….Kindly give me details….
    Looking forward to St Patrick’s Parade on Sunday and to celebrating on the 17th

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