Happy Birthday To Us

Irish Maltese Circle 1st year cakeHappy Birthday to us ! Can you believe it, The Irish Maltese Circle is 1 year old?

It’s been a great year. We’ve made lots of new friends and now have over 50 members. We have had many great nights out, 2 table quiz’s and a good old sing-a-long in The Dubliner. Thank you to everyone who supported our events and bought lots of raffle tickets. This has enabled us to make two donations to two great causes. €1000 to Breast Care Support group and €1000 to Puttinu Cares. At the request of the Ambassador, we also organised a music recital for over 100 people when the Embassy brought over 2 young Irish musicians.

We are hoping 2013/4 continues on in the same vein and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Now that a year has passed it also means your membership fee needs to be renewed. This fee is used for administration costs, website running etc. which have to be paid yearly. The membership fee will remain at €10 per person and will run from February 2013 to February 2014. You can pay your membership in the usual ways.

  • You can send us a cheque to: Irish Maltese Circle, P.O Box 17, Mellieha, MLH 1107
  • Or you can make an online payment to: HSBC Acc. No. 075 148908 001 Please mention your name in the payment details.

The 3 of us have really enjoyed this first year with The Maltese Circle.

Best regards,

Mick, Jenni & Denise


The new e-residence document

Due to the urgent nature of this message we have now re-issued this news brief again

The Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs wishes to inform that, following the announcements that appeared in the local press in December 2012, it has started receiving applications from non-Maltese nationals for the new e-residence document which can also be used as an ID card.

Applications need to be submitted in person by appointment at 3, Castille Place, 2nd Floor, Valletta whilst cards can be collected from 172, Melita Street, Valletta. Additional information can be obtained from the Department on telephone number 22001800 or by e-mail on eResidence.mfa@gov.mt.
Appointments are to be made by sending an email on eResidence.mfa@gov.mt.

The Department wishes to remind that non-Maltese nationals’ identity cards shall remain valid up till 31st March 2013. Residence documents in paper format issued prior to the 10 January 2013 will, however, continue to be valid for identification purposes until the 30th June 2013.

Forms can be downloaded from the following web-site www.foreign.gov.mt, (going on ‘services’ then ‘residence’) Apart from the application form relating to residence, each applicant must also fill up form ID 1A downloadable from the same site. Applications need to be submitted with all supporting documents as listed on the forms. In the case of EU nationals who are already registered with the Department and who were issued with a stand alone registration document according to the provisions of Subsidiary Legislation 460.17, a copy of the said document will be sufficient for the purpose of submitting an application for an e-residence document.

The ‘old’ ID card and stand alone residence document (in case of registered EU nationals) have to be returned to this Department upon the submission of the application. If the card has been lost or stolen, the applicant needs to present a police report.

It would be appreciated if this information could be circulated to your respective nationals.


Mariella Grech


Citizenship & Expatriate Affairs