Phil Clarkson

It is with sadness that we report that Phil Clarkson has passed away in Mater Dei Hospital.

His funeral will be held in Naxxar parish church at 09:30 on Saturday 25th August 2012.

Our deep condolences and sympathy go to Phil’s family at this sad time.

Irish Historical Events – August

  • 5th August 1952 : Pop industry manager, Louis Walsh was born.
  • 6th August 1958 : Australian Herb Elliott set a new world record for the mile at Santry Stadium Dublin. (3.54.5)
  • 8th August 1992 : Michael Carruth wins Gold Medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games.
  • 14th August 1969 : British Troops deployed in Derry after Battle of the Bogside.
  • 18th August 1980 : 18 people are killed in a train crash at Buttevant Station Co, Cork.
  • 24th August 1990 : Brian Keenan is released after almost five years as a hostage in Lebanon.
  • 29th August 1975 : Eamon De Valera dies aged 92.
  • 31st August 1994 : I.R.A. Announce cease fire.