Happy Birthday To Us

Irish Maltese Circle 1st year cakeHappy Birthday to us ! Can you believe it, The Irish Maltese Circle is 1 year old?

It’s been a great year. We’ve made lots of new friends and now have over 50 members. We have had many great nights out, 2 table quiz’s and a good old sing-a-long in The Dubliner. Thank you to everyone who supported our events and bought lots of raffle tickets. This has enabled us to make two donations to two great causes. €1000 to Breast Care Support group and €1000 to Puttinu Cares. At the request of the Ambassador, we also organised a music recital for over 100 people when the Embassy brought over 2 young Irish musicians.

We are hoping 2013/4 continues on in the same vein and we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Now that a year has passed it also means your membership fee needs to be renewed. This fee is used for administration costs, website running etc. which have to be paid yearly. The membership fee will remain at €10 per person and will run from February 2013 to February 2014. You can pay your membership in the usual ways.

  • You can send us a cheque to: Irish Maltese Circle, P.O Box 17, Mellieha, MLH 1107
  • Or you can make an online payment to: HSBC Acc. No. 075 148908 001 Please mention your name in the payment details.

The 3 of us have really enjoyed this first year with The Maltese Circle.

Best regards,

Mick, Jenni & Denise


Irish Historical Events – August

  • 5th August 1952 : Pop industry manager, Louis Walsh was born.
  • 6th August 1958 : Australian Herb Elliott set a new world record for the mile at Santry Stadium Dublin. (3.54.5)
  • 8th August 1992 : Michael Carruth wins Gold Medal at the Barcelona Olympic Games.
  • 14th August 1969 : British Troops deployed in Derry after Battle of the Bogside.
  • 18th August 1980 : 18 people are killed in a train crash at Buttevant Station Co, Cork.
  • 24th August 1990 : Brian Keenan is released after almost five years as a hostage in Lebanon.
  • 29th August 1975 : Eamon De Valera dies aged 92.
  • 31st August 1994 : I.R.A. Announce cease fire.

Irish Historical Events – May

  • 2nd May 1981 : An Aer Lingus flight scheduled to fly from Dublin to London was hijacked.
  • 10th May 1967 : Ireland applied for E.E.C membership.
  • 12th May 1950 : Irish actor Gabriel Byrne was born
  • 18th May 1950 : Sean T O’Kelly was re-elected President of Ireland.
  • 22nd May 1971 : A group of Irish women took a train to Belfast to buy Contraceptives. The sale of Contraceptives was illegal in the Republic at that time. (the train later became known as the Condom train).
  • 23rd May 1999 : The electorate of Northern Ireland and the Republic endorse the Good Friday agreement.
  • 24th May 1953 : Irish actor Pierce Brosnan later to become the James Bond film character was born.
  • 24th May 1965 : The Car Ferry service between Rosslare and Fishguard began.


Irish Historical Events – April

  • 10th April 1998 : The Good Friday agreement was signed By the British and Irish Goverments.
  • 11th April 1971 : The G.A.A. removed the ban on members playing or attending foreign games.
  • 17th April 1969 : Bernadette Devlin elected as M.P.
  • 18th April 1956 : Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco.
  • 19th April 1980 : Johnny Logan wins the Eurovision song contest with “What another Year”.
  • 20th April 1954 : Michael Manning was executed for the murder of Katie Cooper. He was the last person to be judicially executed in Ireland.
  • 28th April 1985 : Dennis Taylor wins the World Snooker Championship.
  • 30th April 1994 : Charlie Mc Gettigan and Paul Harrington win the Eurovision for Ireland for the third time running with “ Rock and Roll kids”.

More next month………

Irish Historical Events – March


  • St Patrick : Our Patron Saint died 17th March in the year 461
  • Ronan Keating: Irish recording artist, singer-songwriter, was born 3rd March 1977
  • Ronan O’Gara: Irish Rugby Player was born 7th March 1977 in San Diego, California.
  • The Irish National Lottery: Began gaming operations on 23rd March 1987,
  • Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh: The fifth President of Ireland Died 21th March 1978.
  • Mandatory Driving test: Was first introduced in Ireland March 1964.
  • Jenni & William McCormick: Were married on the 26th March 1992.

More next month………