The A.G.M. for 2015


will be held on MONDAY 30TH MARCH at 8 pm in the ‘CASHMERE ROOM’ Santana Hotel, QAWRA

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  • Minutes of 2014 AGM
  • Matters arising from same
    • President’s Report
    • Secretary’s Report
    • Treasurer’s Report
  • Resignation of existing/election of new committee
  • A.O.B.

AGENDA for the 2014 A.G.M.


The following is the proposed Agenda for the Irish Maltese Circle’s 2014 A.G.M


  • Minutes of 2013 AGM
  • Matters arising from same
      • President’s Report
      • Secretary’s Report
      • Treasurer’s Report
  • Resignation of existing/election of new committee
  • A.O.B. – to include suggestions for social events and fund raising.

The A.G.M. for 2014

fortinaThe A.G.M. will be held in the Maurice Suite in the Fortina Spa Hotel Sliema 8.00 pm sharp Thursday 24th April
Sorry for the delay in informing you about the venue but we were trying to find a venue suitable for everybody.
Parking is in the Point at a special rate of 2.50 for the evening. If you want to avail of the parking collect your ticket at the car park and pay at hotel reception on the way out after the meeting.



Minutes of A.G.M. 8th April 2013

Meeting commenced at 8.30 pm. Present: See attendance sheet

Apologies: Jenni McCormick, Fred and Doris Morgan.

President’s Report:

Mick thanked our sponsors, i.e. Cartridge World, The Dubliner, and Farsons. He also thanked William, Andre and Mags for their support to the committee, and Fred Morgan for taking care of the website.

St. Patrick’s Day parade: Mick advised the parade was put together in a very short space of time (5/6 weeks) and the absolute success of same was despite having no budget allocation. The initial estimate for the stage and sound system in the square was €700 however, by agreeing to use the bar/restaurant of the owner of the sound system/stage for one of our social functions this figure was reduced to €150.

Mick said bar in questions whilst not being ideal for most functions, is clean and pleasant and will be ideal for our planned table quiz on 30th April, 2013.

Mick advised this miniscule budget will not be possible for the parade planned for 2014 and extensive fund raising/sponsorship will be required in order to build on our initial astounding success. He thanked all members for their support and contributions to this successful event.

From the publicity surrounding the parade many interesting contacts have been made to the IMC, not least an Irish lady who is living in Malta and is prepared to give dance classes to both adults and children. Mick said this is a golden opportunity to have our very own IMC dancers (especially children) to take part in our 2014 parade. Contact will be made by the new committee and further information will be made available when possible.

We have made application for a parade permit up to 2016 and we are awaiting news of same. We have however, been assured that we have ‘first refusal’ for same, as the Valletta local council were more than pleased with the outcome of our parade.

Mick advised Patrick Emmett was in the process of organizing a ‘Ghost Walk’ in Valletta. (see report below).

Mick thanked all of those in attendance and called on Denise for her report.

Secretary’s Report

– attached copy of full report.

Treasurer’s Report

– attached copy.
All members present at the meeting were issued with a copy of the report prior to the meeting, and in the absence of Jenni McCormick (Treasurer) Mick asked if any member present had any questions regarding the accounts. As there were no questions raised the Accounts were adopted as follows:

Proposed by Des Fay and seconded by Patrick Emmett.

Election of new committee:

It was generally agreed the existing committee of three is insufficient. As four nominations were received it was agreed all those nominated be accepted and would join with those three existing committee members who were willing to remain on the committee.

The committee now consists of: Mick, Jenni, Denise, Alyson, Ian, Chris and Mags. As per the statute all officers will be elected into their positions by the members of the committee at the first committee meeting.

Mick welcomed the new committee members on board and the meeting continued.


Patrick Emmett advised preparations are underway for the ‘Ghost Walk’ which will commence at 7.30pm from City Gate. He envisages the walk will take approximately an hour and a half. However, there will be a stop for liquid beverages and a meal is being planned after the event. In order to finalise the meal Patrick has requested those attending to email him as soon as possible at


There was some discussion on fund raising for 2014 parade and a weekly lottery was mentioned – it was agreed this will be looked into by incoming committee with regard to necessary permits, etc.

Elaine advised the St. Patrick’s Day parade in London includes a large number of retail outlets which promote Irish food brands on the day, such as Irish cheeses, breads, etc. It was agreed the incoming committee will research this possibility for 2014. Mags said she couldn’t believe how many people who attended the parade were interested in buying the flags, hats, etc. and suggested this could also be researched for 2014. Mick said contact had been made with companies in Malta who marketed Irish brands (not for cash but just to perhaps have some of their staff representing their company) however, all that could be achieved this year within the time constraints, was that we would carry a Jameson and a Guinness banner and they donated €150.

Des Fay complimented the committee their hard work throughout the year and said he was glad with the now increased committee the work load will be lightened. He also proposed repaying the monies loaned to IMC by Jenni and Mick should be a priority as he felt they worked hard enough without having to also lend money.

Denis suggested the business of gaining sponsorships should start now with the increase in committee members, as achieving more funds etc. would result in more funds being available for charity. Caroline asked would the IMC be raising funds for charities and Mick said funds raised will be used to further the aims of the IMC – bearing in mind budgetary allocations for events such as 2014 parade, etc. – however in the event of surplus funds being available these will as always be donated to charity.

Caroline commented on the fact that different people possessed different talents and perhaps there were areas where members could become more involved. To this end it was agreed a questionnaire will be issued at the next social function which will allow members to suggest areas in which they feel their particular skills will be beneficial.

ACCOUNTS AUDITOR: Mags proposed Des Fay be requested to Audit the accounts prior to forwarding them to the NGO/Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations Office. Des agreed to do same and the proposal was seconded by Ria Gilein. Des to liaise with Jenni regarding same.

PHOENICIA HOTEL: Mags expressed disgust at the behaviour of the Management of the Phoenicia Hotel who never responded to emails or telephone calls regarding their possible involvement in the Parade. What they did do was to open an outside ‘Irish bar’ and made use of our event without contributing in any way. All the IMC had requested from the Phoenicia Hotel was the participation of some of their staff as ‘bodies’ to walk in the parade. Mags said she felt very strongly about this and suggested the incoming committee should make contact with the Irish owners and convey our disappointment at their lack of support.

Mick welcomed new members Elaine and David, and the meeting concluded.

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